Executive skill programs for the Teens

Duration: 60 hrs – 6 weeks

Program Overview: The AlphaTeen program is a highly interactive, skill-based program designed to promote positive health and overall personal development for youths from the age group of 12 to 19. A study in the World Journal of Preventative Medicine found that teens with life skills training are better equipped to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

It has become clear to educators that focusing on traditional academic performances does not address the most critical skills that underline academic success, in particular, executive life skills. These are mind-based skills in which students need to execute tasks, which include skills such as planning, organization, time management, impulse control, and emotional regulation.

This workshop will outline the importance of executive skills to parents and their children alike, so both can partner up to create a winning environment at home.

To make the workshop effective, it will be segregated into two parts:


  1. Strategies to introduce and reinforce executive skills with teens.
  2. 5 WAYS to create a success environment.
  3. Understanding and decoding distress signal from teens.
  4. Emotional intelligence for a successful relationship – YES therapy.



  1. 7 Leadership qualities for future leaders.
  2. Winning, inter-personal skills.
  3. Self-management skills
  4. 3 secrets of a focussed mind and goal setting
  5. Strategies for excelling in studies
  6. Stress and anger management
  7. Being a winning communicator
  8. Moral and social code of being a gentleman/lady

Program outcome: Their focus on study or work will improve. With improved interpersonal and social skills, they will become more likeable among peers and professors. They will learn to handle a successful relationship. As they enjoy success, their willingness to work hard towards his/her focus will increase. They will become a successful communicator and presenter. It will help them in overcoming stage-fright, fear of interview or viva. It is calming and they will learn to manage stress, anger and impulsive behaviour.

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