We are skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our team consists of filmmakers, authors, design thinkers, professors, linguistic professionals and a storyteller. We have all collaborated for one common goal, to create success stories across the globe.

We present diverse information and instructions in a manner that touches the heart and sticks to the mind. We tickle human emotions with compelling storytelling in an engaging manner.

Why choose us

At The Winning Stories, we strap up the power of storytelling to engage, enthuse and evoke the powerful process of creative thinking. We enhance the three most effective skills for human excellence – effective communication, a strong personality and a winning presentation.

Our unique approach

A 360 degree enhancement approach. You get feedback from an industry professionals and also implement your learning in practical scenarios.

You will get the recording of the entire classroom session for future reference. Lifelong support in skill enhancement. Lifetime member of The Winning Story team.

Reason to believe

  • 120 man years of collaborative and diverse experience
  • 5000+ man hours of training expertise
  • Creative strategists and thinkers as faculty
  • Behavioral counselor to give direction to your success story
  • Filmmaker as faculty to teach visual thinking
  • Fiction writers as faculty to teach the science of storytelling.

Our team


An author, Film maker



Design thinker, Lead Trainer

innovator, motivational speaker



certified corporate trainer and a wellness coach


Motivational speaker

communication specialist, counsellor and a success coach


Interpersonal skills and positive body language training

certified trainer, motivator. Specialist in communication , personality development